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David has a wide experience of operating machinery and developing his own businesses over the last 30 year.  His experience covers construction, oil, and agricultural industries.

He has a hands-on approach and is committed to delivering quality performance. He brings knowledge and a wealth of experience to each project he delivers.

David lives in North Roe, Shetland, his long-term family home where his family was raised. In his spare time, he manages his own farm and a successful sheep dog training business


Magnus has worked in the farming and construction industry most of his life. 


He has owned and run successful farms in France and Aberdeenshire before returning to Shetland 15 years ago where he now runs his Shetland croft together with Steven.

He has a good knowledge of the land and has a very sensible approach to all work he undertakes.




Steven has been running his own construction business for 20 years, working on a variety of projects across the whole of Shetland. Alongside this, he has continued to be involved in the running of the family croft including maintaining the lands and rearing livestock.

Together with his son Logan, they are interested in the promotion of more sustainable methods of working the land with a view to benefitting the environment and the effect that it will have on future generations.

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