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The aim of this project was to make better an extremely eroded peatland area, covering some 66 hectares.  Due to Covid this was cut short by 20 hectares but was completed during the first part of 2021.  The restoration work consists of reprofiling the haggs and gullies, vegetating all slopes and blocking waterways to slow down water flow and create pools which were planted with sphagnum moss. 


The extremely eroded areas which are just completely friable are smoothed off and covered with heather brash/mulch and covered with a net which is staked down to stabilise the area for germination and growth of vegetation. Small bare peat areas are planted with propagules which are plugs of vegetation cut elsewhere and planted.

The work was undertaken over the winter months in some poor weather conditions. 

The Peatlands are important for breeding birds, so wildlife is always taken into consideration when timing work.

Before and After Images

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